Classes at Joann Fabrics Yorktown/Edina

We are happy to be teaching at Joann Fabrics in Edina. The store is located across the street from Target at the intersection of York and Hazelton streets. Some classes are offered by Joann Corporate and taught by Material Girls and some are classes offered by Material Girls in the Joann classroom. We hope it isn’t confusing. Hover over the Joann heading and a drop down menu will appear with individual classes. Click on the class you are interested in and follow the directions.

Basic Sewing Supplies: seam ripper, 6 inch ruler, marking pen or chalk, tape measure, scissors, pins, needles

Please email ( or call (952-201-3863) with questions.

Ready to sew but our class schedule just doesn’t work with yours?

Will you need one on one attention for a whole hour? i.e. lots of questions, then take a private lesson.

We love to sew and teaching others is our favorite activity. Please contact us if you would like to take a private lesson. We will do our best to meet your sewing needs and wishes!

Please email ( or call (952-201-3863) to arrange a time.

Fee: $35 per hour

To pay for a private lesson using PayPal-

Time Needed
1 Hour $35.00 USD
1.5 Hours $52.50 USD
2 Hours $70.00 USD
Joann Fabrics-Yorktown
Your phone number
Date and Time of Lesson

Thanks for taking classes with the Material Girls!

2 thoughts on “Classes at Joann Fabrics Yorktown/Edina

  1. Hello Ladies

    I am very interested in learning to sew. I am kind of a clumsy when it comes to sewing. I have tried in the past. Can you please tell me what class I should start off with, can you also suggest a sewing machine to buy. Thank you


    1. Hi, Gretchen,
      Sorry I didn’t catch this earlier! You are probably making your own clothes by now 🙂
      Anyway, we have some beginner sewing classes underway and you could jump in if you want on Wednesday evenings. They’ll continue in July. AS for buying a machine we advise buying from a dealer as they will stand behind the machines, give you instruction in basic operation and most will allow trade ups if you decide you love sewing and want more of a machine than you initially purchase.
      Hope that helps.


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