Classes at First Sewing

We’re enjoying the great lighting and space at First Sewing!!

The store is located in the Southtown Mall next to TJ Maxx

7985 Southtown Center, Bloomington

Sew Social

Cutting out patterns on the floor? Got questions about pattern directions? Bring your project or sewing goals and spread out in our spacious classroom. We will help you choose pattern, fabric, decipher pattern directions, fit-whatever you need. And meet other sewists that share your passion! Come as often as you can and sew what you want-

Class fee: $15 for one single session or $40 for 3 nonconsecutive sessions

Thursday afternoons, 1-4 pm, April 22 and 29

Sew Social-3 session discount

Pay for 3 Sew Social sessions at one time. You don’t need to attend 3 consecutive classes-just let us know which 3 dates work and we’ll keep track.

40.00 $

Sew Social-Single Payment

Complete projects in the company of other sewists.

15.00 $

Basic & Beyond Sergery-in person!

Got a serger? Take this class and master your machine.

Not sure which serger to buy? Take the class and test drive store machines while mastering serger techniques.

We start the class from the very beginning-you may not even have taken yours out of the box-and that’s OK! We’ll start with machine parts and move on to threading-you will be serging by the end of our first session.

The second class is dedicated to serging a child size tee that will be supplied with class fee-no fitting, just techniques which you will use over and over while using your serger.

Flat locking and fine rolled hem finishes will be covered in the third session. These are the icing on the cake stitches that allow you to add special touches to your sewing.

Once you’ve taken our class your serger will be your friend and you will wonder how you ever got along without one 🙂

Thursdays, 10 am-12 pm, April 22, 29, May 6-Sorry-class is full!

Next class: Thursdays, 10 am-12 pm, May 20, 27 and June 3

Class Fee: $85

Supply list:

Serger, manual, presser foot and any other accessories

Scissors, pins, ripper

4 different colors of thread, cones preferred and you may want to match the colors of your tension discs


Basic & Beyond Sergery-First Sewing

Bring your serger or try one of ours and learn the ins and outs of serging. We start at the very beginning (opening the box?), serge a small size tee and finish up with flatlock and rolled hem.

85.00 $

Sew for Yourself-What You Need to Know

Garment sewing for the first time or getting back into it-we’ll outline the things that will make the adventure a bit less hazardous and more satisfying. Garment sewing isn’t for the faint of heart but seen as a pursuit rather than a pass/fail event and armed with what we’ve learned over the years, you will fall in love with the craft and art of sewing what you wear.

Choosing your size, indie patterns, Pdf printing, knits and new fabrics, fit issues and techniques are some of the topics we’ll cover.


Note paper

Patterns you may want to try (don’t purchase, just have a list 🙂

A list of garments you’d like to make for yourself

A list of your most worn garments

Three reasons you want to sew for yourself

2 sessions, 1-3 pm, $45 Please email if interested-we will be adding dates soon