New Classes for Winter ’10

And what a winter it’s turning out to be! Actually it’s very conducive to sewing. But I digress. We have a new listing of classes-Skirts That Fit, Jacket Techniques, Love Your Serger, Beginning Sewing-and then our two events-Clear Your Clutter Stash Swap and Dress YOUR Best. Check them out and sign up!

Speaking of the Stash Swap-this is a great time to be cleaning out closets and reevaluating the fabrics you have collected. Bring your items to January Club meetings (or arrange a drop-off) and we’ll give you “cash” to spend at the Swap. Then let’s all get together on Jan. 30 and get that creative energy flowing. Change is good.

Love Your Serger was the best I could come up with for a name for a hands-on serger class. I toyed with “Exploratory Sergery” but that’s as far as I got for catchy names. Any wordsmiths out there that can come up with a better option?

It’s been some time since I’ve had to update the site so please advise me of any errors you see. Thanks to those of you that keep at me to get classes posted. And as always, feedback is crucial. Are these the classes you want to take? Too cheap? (just kidding) Wrong times? Let us know how we can best meet your creative sewing needs.

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