MN Fashion Week, Anybody Been There?

Thanks to Laurie’s comment about MN Fashion Week I went looking for more info.  MN Fashion Week is September 21-September 27.  The website has the complete schedule.  It looks a bit barebones (the appearance of the calendar) but if you click on the event you get all you need to know.  What I can’t tell you is what the events are like.  I’ve never been.  It looks like fun but my biggest question is-who goes?  Is everyone between the ages of 18 and 30 and skinny as a toothpick?  I’m guessing not but I’d go with more confidence if someone out there could reassure me.  The pictures I found were all of the models-no confidence there:)  So please, leave a comment and inform the uninformed-me!

2 thoughts on “MN Fashion Week, Anybody Been There?

  1. I was at a number of the events. Because I am not in my 20’s/30’s, I feel that most of the events did not suit me very well. Next year I will be mainly going to the kick off Fashion Show. It was packed with people and was nearly 2 hours of a show. People of all ages were also there. It was a great event.


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