Paris: Take Three

Hopefully this will go better tonight but I’ve just been to the local wine shop and tasted a few plus having a glass with my purchases from today- goat cheese and a whole wheat pretzel looking bread with raisins. I’m finishing the glass of wine with chocolate.

Today was a perfect day for me. It started with a bus ride to the D’Orsey Museum. It’s got mostly Impressionist art. I discovered artists I didn’t know of before. It was a very alive place with many school groups.

We proceeded to the Bon Marche (yet another large shopping mall) where I joined up with my new friend, Brown, and proceeded to spend an hour in the amazing grocery area. Clothes I have a hard time shopping for but give me a grocery store and I have no problem. It’s such a great way to see how everyday people live. Of course, this grocery store was equivalent to nothing I’ve seen in the States. Think Kowalski’s times ten. Fresh seafood, poultry, bread, deli and gift items galore. My 10 euro gourmet grocery bag is my prized possession!

After today, I can really see why people love Paris. We sat and had a simple tuna on toast salad-sitting outside, yet again and getting typical Parisien service from our waiter. No one has been impatient or rude to us even tho we are a group of twelve or so. I have never felt unsafe although I think I’ve experienced most of the scam artist tricks by now. The day was very mild and the sun was out for most of it. We walked to Notre Dame and walked right in- no lines. Then walked along the Seine to Ile St. Louis and ate magnificent ice cream and drank tea. The island of St. Louis was noticeably more quiet. Beautiful, and the sun was setting.

A solid walk back via Rue de Rivoli and Opera, my own private wine tasting with my grocery purchases and I call it a magnificent day in Paris. Tres bien!

One thought on “Paris: Take Three

  1. Hey mother I walked along the seine the same places you did, that is way cool! and I am pretty sure the picture you took of a restaurant is one I walked past at night but there are many that look similar. Love the updates and i am so glade you are having fun! Such an adventurous woman you are.



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