May Garment Pictures

What a great month we had! Lots of new people at Treadle-we hope you liked what you saw. Lots of show and tell. The weather even improved as the week went on. So here are the garment pictures-any good photographers out there? We’re learning as we go with the picture taking technique but we hope the pics help you remember what the pattern looked like when you have questions.

Debbie's Jacket

Debbie's blouse

Debbie's pleat front tee

Laurel's ruffle tee

Laurel's bias skirt

Laurel's button tee

Kristin's blue/black cardigan with Maggy London (Butterick 5456) dress

Reversible Blouse

Ruffle tee with buttons

Peggy Sager's Blouse

Back of Maggy London dress

Marcy Tilton V8582 tee

Happy Sewing-see you next month! First time attendees are free so bring a friend.

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