Final on Creative Connection

It was truly a great event for me-and it’s not over! If you want to take a crafting class you can pay at registration as long as it isn’t sold out and you bring the supplies. You can find supply information and some Sold Out info on their website. And then there’s the Handmade Market.

The market is good if you like the Stampington Art style. If you like making jewelry there are some great raw materials. A wonderful higher end jewelry designer-Bittersweet Designs-had many pieces that appealed to me. Crafty Planet is there; Eagle Creek Quilt shop has Amy Butler bags that are very reasonably priced. It’s fun to see the wide age range of the designers that are present. The Paris-inspired shop (door pictured below) got my vote for the best booth. Fun kids clothes and stuffed animal designs to see. I didn’t have much time between workshops to actually buy so I’m going to do some online shopping. It will be fun to see their etsy stores, too, after hearing so much about it.

So, yes, you must go if you like Stampington Art style or check the Creative Connection website and look at the stores that are there. And if you have another reason to be downtown, I’d definitely stop by.

The social media/how to launch a business panels I went to were very pertinent for my purposes. Small panels-mine was Social Media Metrics-are also helpful. Celebrities, table decorations and a full “swag bag” put the icing on the cake. I felt like the organizers created a special event just for me.

The word was that there will be another event next year, again in Mpls., because of the Junk Market.

I’m headed to the Junk Market this afternoon. I want to find an old chest of many small drawers for storing sewing notions.

French General Booth
The Handmade Market
Dinner Table Decorations-Fabric compliments of Amy Butler

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