A New Thread Tested

Some of you that serge may like to use Woolly Nylon thread to finish edges or make more visible stitching but that has been harder to find and if you iron it too much, it melts.
Some time ago, I saw an ad for Maxi Lock Stretch thread (on serger cones) but Creative didn’t carry it when I asked so I just forgot about it. But Joanne stopped by Hancock the other day and was singing its praises so I asked her to send me something to post on the blog.

Thanks to Joanne, I have this to share with you:

I used both Maxi-Lock Stretch and Wooly Nylon thread with a serged rolled edge application on my recent projects. The picture with the orange thread is the Maxi-Lock Stretch thread. One can easily see that the coverage far exceeds the Wooly Nylon.

Wooly Nylon
Wooly Nylon

Maxi Lock Stretch
Maxi Lock Stretch

I am sold! I love the fact that Maxi-Lock Stretch is available in 26 colors!! With these colors one has the option of purchasing matching Maxi-Lock Serger thread to get a professional look.

The thread was purchased at Wawak.com. They have a low price guarantee, monthly sales, relatively quick shipping and they’ve been awesome to work with. I purchase most of my sewing supplies from them. Invisible zippers are an excellent buy too.


Nancy’s Notions also carries the thread. It is made of nylon so I guess you still probably shouldn’t iron it directly but the look is definitely worth it.

Thanks very much for taking the time to share this, Joanne. If anyone else has something we all should know about, please send info to me and I’ll post it.

Fashion Sewing Club is back on Thursday at Hancock after a month’s break. Looking forward to seeing everyone-fall sewing, here we come!

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