Deadlines and fixes

First-very sorry about the links at the bottom of your last email if you are a subscriber 😦 My tech advisor tells me it’s fixed and that it didn’t hurt anything-just made it easier for all of you to find the drugs you probably aren’t looking for anyway (blush).

Second-if you want to go to the Pattern Review Weekend in Chicago, today is your last day to sign up (March 31). We’ll be there!!

Third-Hancock is closing more quickly than we thought AND a pretty good source says that the whole company is closing-no one wanted to buy. So you’ll see the three remaining stores start discounting soon.

So if you want to take a class this month it should be sooner rather than later. The calendar is on the post previous to this one.

Also the patterns at Southtown Hancock are at very good prices and there are many in stock (I was the only person on my knees going through the drawers). Sewing notions are literally gone but fabric can still be found at 50% off (and more).

We’ll be in the classroom from 10-4 today so stop by and say hi if you are at the store. Looks like another great grey day for sewing!

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