Ruffles for Every Body!

Some trends, like clockwork, signal the change in season. It seems like each year ruffles mark the start of Spring. And this year, the story remains the same. Whether you cascade them from shoulders or spiral them off hips, ruffles/flounces create a soft, feminine look that can make you look fashionable. The tricky part is that they add volume, so placement is key. Let’s take a look at how ruffles/flounces can be successfully used on three body types.

1. Pear Figure

Pear figures have proportionally larger bottoms than tops. Adding ruffles/flounces to the upper body balances the figure and draws attention to the face. Take a look at New Look 6507. This asymmetric ruffled neckline works well. Similarly, the strong shoulder line of Burda 6429 offsets a larger hip nicely.

2. Inverted Triangle Figure

The opposite of the pear shape is the inverted triangle. The defining feature is narrower hips than shoulders. In order to look more proportionate, volume is needed on the lower body. Adding ruffles and flounces to skirts and shorts is one way for the inverted triangle to look proportionate. Consider McCalls 7287 and Simplicity 8606 as great options.

3. Oval Shape Figure

Typical characteristics of an oval figure are narrow hips and an undefined waist/midsection, which is often the largest measurement. The goal of the oval is to de-emphasize the midsection while defining a smaller area, which is often right under the bust, and elongating wherever possible. Subtlety is recommended for ovals embracing the ruffle trend. Strategic placement and drapey fabrics are key. The oval should consider subtle overlays, drapes, and flounces as a more flattering alternative and use them in elongating angles to maximize their look (see beautiful evening gown above).

Butterick 6396 (View A) features a flattering flounce. Try Pamela’s Patterns Draped Front Cardigan for very soft, subtle fullness at the wrist and hem.

No matter what your body type, Spring into the season wear fashionable flounces and ruffles.

2 thoughts on “Ruffles for Every Body!

  1. Don’t forget to come and see our ruffles at the Spring Preview/Fashion Sewing Club at Burnsville SR Harris on Thursday, March 22 at 10:30 am-it’s free!!


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