How to Wear Necklaces With a Cowl

Inspired by a new-to-me blogger, Brenda Kinsel, and her post from yesterday, I put on several necklaces grouped to make a statement.

This is my new wool knit tunic-fabric from SR Harris, Vogue 9022 but modified to copy the Stylearc Cher Knit Dress.
Brenda talks about “nothing earrings” or support earrings for a statement necklace. These small squarish hoops are may favorite “nothing earring”. The necklaces together are OK. I’ve met my balance point criteria as far as where the necklaces rest.

My frustration is how to keep the necklaces from sliding forward and rumpling the cowl. Those of us that live in colder climates have these issues. Maybe we should start sewing a hang tag on the outside back neck to keep necklaces in place.

So for now, I changed necklaces and added a safety pin from the inside to hold the necklace in place. Can’t be rearranging all day 🙂

Any ideas? Other than wearing pins or scarves for a splash of color and focal point?

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