Color Training

Exciting news in the Material Girls’ World! This week, Kristin and I are training to become certified color analysts.

Long gone are the days of the four season color plan. The majority of people don’t fit strictly into these categories. Many are a combination of cool and warm. A nuanced approach is often necessary when taking personal color contrast into account. It’s not uncommon for an ideal color to change as a person ages. These are some reasons why Kristin and I want to add this service to our toolbox.

My color journey began with Nancy Nix-Rice, a certified consultant from St. Louis. She identified tones in my skin, eyes, and hair and provided a custom color palette to enhance my personal coloring. I was blown away by the impact for the following reasons:

1. I look so much better! People have noticed that I sparkle and look younger when wearing my ideal colors.

2. Shopping for fabric is streamlined. Focusing on fabric ideal for me saves time. I simply bypass numerous gorgeous bolts better suited for someone of different coloring.

3. Use of a color palette increases my ability to mix and match successfully. When the color palette is based on innate personal coloring, wardrobe pieces go together.

My color journey has convinced me that no matter how cute the pattern, or how well its sewn, I’ll always look best when sewing my personal best colors.

We know how great it feels to love what we sew. Our goal is that you’ll love your results too.

7 thoughts on “Color Training

  1. That is exciting news. I’m looking forward to being one of your first clients. I need help with selecting colors other than the good old basic black.


  2. Basic Sergery and Beyond or Serger: Down & Dirty for someone who was gifted a serger and has not touched it? I have intermediate sewing skills. Thanks!


    1. You are exactly who should come to the class 🙂 If you don’t have an instruction manual, it would be helpful if you download it ahead of time. Usually pretty easy to find online or we can do it in class. Can you make it to Monday’s class?


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