Value Contrast

Next time you rummage through your closet looking for something to wear, keep your personal value contrast in mind.

Value contrast plays an important role in looking our best. When a person and their clothing appear equal or within their value contrast, magic happens.

To determine value contrast, the first step is to to take a black and white photo.

Next, plot hair and skin values on the grayscale.

Comparing the photo to the grayscale determines my hair is around a level 3 and skin level 8. The difference between these is 5 levels. My value contrast is classified as medium-high.

Why does value contrast matter? Staying inside a person’s contrast range allows the PERSON to shine. On the contrary, when clothing is too high in contrast, the person FADES into the background.

Take a look at the photos below to see what a difference the right contrast makes. The first set of photos shows too high of contrast, the second set is just right.

Personal value contrast is unique to each of us. Debbie, Kristin, and I have determined our individual value contrast. We’re attempting to elevate our fashion sewing choices with this knowledge. We invite you to explore yours and share your journey too.

Thanks for reading! —Katie

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