Simple Trick

When getting dressed each morning, wearing something as dark as my hair helps me look better. It’s a simple trick that can improve any outfit. Take a look and see what a difference adding a medium dark (hair color) accessory makes in my overall appearance.

When I’m out and about, guess what color accessories I’ll be sporting—-medium dark brown, just like my hair color.

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3 thoughts on “Simple Trick

  1. Hi I am trying to wrap my head around this. What I cannot fathom is how I can accessorize or choose clothing colors because I am blonde, freckled lightly, and have short dishwater or dirty blonde hair. What color should my accessories be?


    1. Hi Tamra- Thanks for the feedback! If you are having trouble finding tan/medium light accessories to match your hair color, try accessorizing in a different color. The key is to have it the same value (lightness/darkness) as your hair. Try any flattering medium-light color you like, take a black and white photo of it next to your face, and see if the values of your hair and accessories match up. I hope that helps!


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