Power color

One easy way to look vibrant and healthy is wearing the color teal (blue-green). It’s a magical color that is universally flattering on all skin types.

As we learn in art class, colors opposite each other on the color wheel are called complementary colors. When placing complementary colors together, each color looks brighter and naturally good together.

Skin coloring, can be applied to the color wheel too. As you can see, it falls into the red-orange family. Now, if you look directly across the color wheel. What color do you see?…VOILA!…It’s teal! Teal is a complimentary color of red-orange. And since virtually all skin types are in the red-orange family, teal is incredibly flattering to wear.

The other magical property of teal is its flattering range in color value and intensity. It’s hard to find a variation of teal that doesn’t look good on people. To illustrate this point, I took the same teal fabric and draped it on four different people. Each of us has unique coloring (warm, cool, and neutral) and you can see the same shade of teal looks great on all of us. (**This works for people of color as well as caucasian skin tone**)

Since Kristin was absent during our photo shoot. Here is a photo of her wearing a different shade of teal. Doesn’t she look great?

Next time you grab something to wear, grab a little teal. It’s a magical color.

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