Spool Racers

The past few months we’ve been collecting empty thread spools to be used by school kids for spool races. Here is a thank you and an explanation of how they are used. We are done collecting spools for now 🙂

Good Morning,

Thank you for your generous donation of thread spools. Here are a few pictures of some 6th graders with their creations, a close up of a spool racer, and a picture of a race. The blurry spots on the table are the spool racers – ha! This is a great end of the year engineering activity to reinforce the concepts of potential and kinetic energy. The kids were very excited to take their racers home and had plans to continue their explorations. Nice to know they’ll have something other than video games to keep them entertained on that first rainy summer day. Thanks again for your support!

Cheri Warmka
Science Specialist
Harriet Bishop Elementary