So much to see, so much to do

Where do I start? Well, in honor of Fashion Week I saw September Issue on Sunday at the Landmark Theatre in Edina (it’s also at the Regal in Eagan. It’s the documentary paralleling Devil Wears Prada. I had to go to the library to find the ’09 September Vogue to see if Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington are still there-they are. Shows how much I know… But I liked the movie and gained a new appreciation for the magazine. The fashions and people in the magazine are way beyond most of us but the design and photography it represents is an art form itself (in my humble opinion).
Then I picked up the Aug/Sept. SEWnews and it has a great serger shopping guide which would be helpful for any of you out there in the serger market.
Which brings me to the best place to shop for a serger (or many things sewing, for that matter)-the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo. We will have a booth(!!!) at the Expo (Nov. 4-6) and hope to see many familiar and many new faces. Seriously, at the Expo you can sit down in front of different machines with your list of questions and go from booth to booth to compare and make an informed decision. Or better yet, take a serger class in one of the studios and then you’ve really gotten your feet wet and can go to the other sergers for comparison.
OK, off my serger soapbox now. The Expo people and Hancock Fabrics are trying to make it easier to get downtown by having a coach bus at the Southtown, Woodbury, Minnetonka and Coon Rapids locations on Thursday and Friday. Check it out and reserve your seat.
That’s all for now-we have three Fashion Sewing Club meetings this week at Associated Sewing in Bloomington. Will I see you?

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