Questions from September Club Meetings

Another month of club meetings is done. We had 75 people attending this month! Thanks so much. There were lots of questions unanswered at the meetings so I’ll try to answer them here.
Lorna Hoffman’s white shirt was KwikSew pattern #1951-it is out of print.
Linda Burt’s handbag pattern was Vogue #8527-the wrap she suggested was Vogue #7161. Laurel’s vest pattern (it matched the pants) was Burda #8296. A great online source for elastic and Do-Sew (tracing paper)is Laurel’s “Waistband That Grows” can be found in More Power Sewing by Sandra Betzina. A similar waistband technique can be found at sewingtutorial.blogspot.
Watch for new class listings and two more Fashion Sewing Club dates. I hope you are all working on “Show and Tell” projects for October.

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