All Updated and Ready to Go

I’ve just completed updating all the class lists and schedules. I’m my own proofreader so please let me know of any errors you find. Speaking of errors, in scheduling new classes we realized we’re not being consistent with the fees. It’s something we strive to do so from now on you should see one or two hour classes for $10 per hour of instruction. For three or more hours the fee per hour goes down and probably not equally but we try. To make it up to those of you who paid before the change that means that anyone that paid $30 for the Button Pleated Cardigan Class or the Yoga Pant Class has a $5 credit with us. You may use it for Club fees or your next class or we will give you a refund check.

Give the new classes a look-see. We’re offering classes on Club days for those of you who want to make a day of it and we’re giving you a choice between two garments. The Oilcloth Shopping Bag would make a great gift for many. The fee is only $10 and then you’ll pay for each kit you make. We do some of the work for you. I’ll get a picture up soon.

Just to put closure on the October Fashion Sewing Clubs we saw some great Show and Tell or maybe “Sew and Tell”. Some of the information to be passed on:
-the Silhouette Trench Coat sleeves tend to run narrow is a local wholesale house (you can order online) that carries      great minky
-keep your Stretch & Sew patterns-they don’t make them anymore
-hooter hiders (nursing coverups) make the greatest nursing mom gifts-see instructions at

And now on to the great sewing projects we’ve got in our heads after wandering through (and yes, buying some of) Treadle‘s great new fabrics. I must admit I felt guilty buying fabrics online when I saw all of the new bolts. Make the trip and support your local fabric supplier. It appears they’ve made an investment in making us happy-let’s do our part.

Sew On!

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