Stuffing A Duct Tape Dress Form

So after the taping is done there’s still work to do. I’ve decided to hang my double instead of putting it on a pole and stand. I wore a long sleeved turtleneck and sewed a length of cotton knit around the bottom to cover my backside. It actually went almost to my knees and came in quite handy.
We cut our dummies in a zig zag up the back. I opened mine and sprayed an adhesive in the inside of the bust and pressed in an old underwire bra.

Inside view of bust

Spray adhesive

Bra glued into form

Turn the sleeve to inside

Tie sleeve into a knot

I had an old pillow so I separated it and hung it over the hanger to take up the middle of the space.
Bra strapped around pillow, taped to hanger

Cut kitchen cutting mat in half and place over hanger (shoulder support)

Cutting mats over hanger, bra taped in too

Taping form together-belts help if you don't have a buddy

All taped up-check to see if your real measurements match your double's

Time to stuff-prop double to prevent squishing the girls

Stuff through the neck also

Tie end with rubberband-just in case there's a need to add stuffing

One pillow, one and a half 32 oz. bags of fiber fill needed to stuff

To retain the shape at the bottom of the dress form and to give you something to anchor the pole to if you are putting dress form on a stand, measure around bottom of dress form and around your legs at the same place. The circumference should be close to equal. Measure the with of this oval formed by your legs and the depth so you can draw this on 1 1/2″ insulation board.
Use flexi ruler to draw oval on insulation board

Cut insulation with utility knife-score both sides

Push board into bottom of body double

Trim as necessary

Ta Da! One Body Double weighing in at 7.5 pounds!

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