December Fashion Sewing Club Photos

Even though the weather wasn’t cooperative and it’s Christmas season, many of you found your way to the stores to see our “Lingerie, Loungewear and Sleepwear” offerings. We teased about baring all but the weather kept most of us from sewing or modeling anything too risque.

Here are the photos. We saw lots of great Christmas gifts-there are many lucky grandchildren out there. If you are still sewing (yeah, like mine’s all done-NOT) and want to share/do a little bragging, either send a picture to the email address or put it up on Facebook. There’s even a prize for the favorite picture sent in.

Debbie's Voile Pajamas

Debbie's Last Minute Gifts

Kristin's Warm Flannel Pajamas

Le Smoking Jacket


Laurel's Nighties

Another Nightie

Lace Pajamas

Show and Tell Offerings

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