The Last of Christmas Sewing

I think this may be a banner year for me-no unmade Christmas gifts given! OK, so I still didn’t get last year’s pajamas made for my husband, but I did alter three pair of pants for him-in the middle of Christmas sewing. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

I really did intend to make good on the post-Club Christmas sewing contest but then I realized that most people on Facebook are “friends” with their children and would most likely have done Christmas sewing for them and not want to reveal the gift before the opening! So any good ideas for giving away those Gingher scissors? And here’s Zach in his smoking jacket-

One of our most faithful beginning sewists at Hancock is really taking off. Here is her Christmas skirt. It was a challenge but the finished project looks great. She also made a Santa outfit for her dog. It’s fun to watch people branch out and try new skills.

Our Hancock kids’ class had several girls like that. They just wanted to sew the ideas in their heads and we were there to help make them happen. We did finish the fur vest projects, too. The girls were surprised at how quickly they went together and we were surprised at how little fur mess there was.

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