Serger Threads

At our last “Serging Beyond Four Thread” class there were a fair amount of questions about threads so here is an attempt to answer some questions and give you a (somewhat) permanent reference.

In general, you want to stay away from cheap threads. Look at a single strand of thread and see how much lint is attached. Compare it with regular sewing thread. It will be hairier than regular thread but you want to minimize lint as it clogs up your machine.

The major brands easily available are pictured here.

Maxi-Lock available at Hancock Fabrics

Maxi-Lock is pictured in the Babylock brochures but we were told not to use it when working at Sew Amazing. I’ve been using it all along and have had no problems. Their variegated thread can give you some fun options if more decorative threads don’t work in your serger.
Toldi-Lock available at JoAnn's

JoAnn’s stopped carrying Maxi-Lock about a year ago and started carrying Toldi-Lock which is a Gutermann product. At the top of the display is Bulky Nylon-their version of Wooly Nylon. There is a good assortment of colors-they seemed a bit more up to date than the Maxi-Lock available at Hancock.
Gutermann Premium Serger Thread at JoAnn's

JoAnn’s also carries a premium serger thread by Gutermann. The color availability is limited-at least at the Yorktown store. I buy this when I have a good coupon.
Remember, you can always use regular sewing machine thread in your left-most needle or your coverstitch needles to get a perfect match for the color of your fabric. Contrasting thread is also an alternative that can look nice on the inside of your garment as overcast edges.
Thread prices range from $2.99 on sale to $7.49 for the premium, but it lasts a long time.

2 thoughts on “Serger Threads

  1. Another great source of quality threads is an internet source called Superior Threads. They are located in Utah and get their threads from Japan and had wonderful thoughtful commentary on the earth quake in one of their recent pieces of correspondance. Their put out a monthly e-news letter which is very informative and instructive.
    A-1 Sew Craft in Champlin has a wonderful selection of Maxi-Lock (and Madiera brand) thread as well.


  2. I hope you know that i posted a like for your page and also put a comment on the news feed.
    you saved me, my day, my week and my project.

    it worked – the dritz was away wonder tape and was inexpensive and i have a lot left.

    will talk to you later about the serger lesson on May 17th…
    I had to eat first do a few things around my apt and i went down to the community room and layed out old canvas and put the pieces together. they said you need to get out of here we are having bingo in 30 minutes. i said i am almost done and why would i ruin a bingo game??

    the old residents think they own this place and are like pit bulls around here. Whew…
    I feel wonderful… I was so distraught when i met you two.

    hancock has more experienced employees. I started going there when they had their wool and wool blends on sale for capes that i made.

    They deserve a star from Ruthie along with you..

    I was really so discouraged and had tried everything…

    thanks again…


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