Treasure Hunting at Hancock

Sorry if I made you go from Facebook to website but my small knowledge of etiquette says that Facebook is for short and sweet.

If you didn’t come from Facebook, here are the pictures of the treasures Debbie and I found at Hancock yesterday:

Another color palette

Flower fabric and silk linen(?)

So as we were wandering around the store between classes we saw the flowers on netting-in two colorways. Never seen anything like it before and at Hancock! I love treasure hunting and am usually rewarded at almost all fabric stores-some just have a higher occurrence of treasures and, needless to say, this is not good for my stash reduction program.

Anyway, I moved the fabric fold to check on the price of this unique fabric and it was $39.99 per yard! A rare price tag at Hancock.

And then, we realized that the very fabric used to make the flowers was there too. It’s the last picture. Another customer was in the next aisle while all of this was going on. I had to show her the fabric and explain our glee but I’m not sure she was convinced that I was not a crazy person.

I am the proud owner of this fabric, with the aid of a 40% coupon and am very excited to explore the possibilities of both the flowers on netting and the flat fabric used to make the flowers.

Just one more treasure-we were looking in the linens/seersucker and found a short bolt of something that felt like silk (the plum/wine in the last picture). The label said linen and as linen was 50% off and it was a color of mine, I bought the rest of it. After some online research I think it may be a silk linen, only 42″ wide-the label said 54″-and I got 5 yds. for $5 a yard. It’s in the washing machine as I write and I will still do a burn test just to see if I can firm up the identification (silk should smell like burning hair, linen like burning leaves).

All in all, a happy hunt. Now to make something equally wonderful to wear!

Have you found any treasures lately?

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