September Fashion Sewing Club

The week of Club meetings started out warm and hard to think of wearing wool but quickly went to chilly and wool and layers felt good. Lots of good show and tell-here are a few details:
At Treadle, Pat showed a tie purse from ASG (scroll down-it’s the second pattern).
Good directions for the One Seam Collar, aka Express Collar.
Kristin’s Faux Leather Trim Jacket, Vogue 2232, is not available for sale unless you find a random copy on eBay. There are a few people in line to borrow the pattern. Email if interested.

The format of our website will be changing sometime this week so look twice before you decide you are in the wrong place. Calendar has been updated and classes are listed by location. We’re doing some new serger classes during the winter-flatlock skirt, totally serger tee, napkins and scarves and yoga pants/leggings. Expand your serger horizons and make a few gifts/garments in the process. There’s also a class for making a faux leather bag.

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