Sometimes Things Fall Right Into Your Lap

Debbie and I were at Treadle yesterday-6 students and 6 different makes of sergers, 3 pressing hams, sleeve rolls and a small sawdust mess…and can you believe it, they had new fabric!

This is a 90% high wicking, poly microfiber and 10% lycra and such great prints. It may be more suitable for the yoga studio and running, etc. but my pieces are going to be worn on the golf course (and if you’ve done any pro shop shopping lately, I think I’ll fit right in). I’ve been waiting for something like this for ever and now I have no excuse not to sew them up and then no excuse not to play golf (or so my husband would say). Now just for some performance fabric in neutral colors for pants.

Unfortunately these aren’t the only new fabrics…fine linens with a metallic sheen, mesh knits…but you really have to see them for yourself 🙂

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