I’ve Got the Blues

The June edition of Fashion Sewing Club is approaching quickly (first meeting: Saturday at Treadle) and I’m about ready to change the color of thread in my machines. It’s about time but I must say it has been a time saver and most items are matching each other (a new concept for me ;)).

See if you can guess which items match the garments at Club.

On another note, I ran into a Material Girl in the Joann parking lot (no damage ;)) and she turned me on to the Joann Fabric iPhone app. Very simple, it shows you which coupons are current, you download what you want to use (a matter of a second) and you read or show the coupon number to the clerk. No more sifting through old/new coupons. I would like to see a feature that gives me the dates for upcoming pattern sales. Maybe I’ll make a request-or we all can and maybe they’d make a change!

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