How Do You Recycle?

Since I’m going through my stash so quickly (ha, you really can’t see a difference in my closet) I need to be sure I am getting rid of things in the right places. An added benefit is feeling good (!) about letting go of fabric that I spent hard-earned money on. Here are my benefactors-please share if you know of others:

Bundles of Love-quilters, sewists and knitters make layettes for moms who have very little as they leave the hospital

Knit fabric for gowns/sleepers
Fleece for buntings
Quilt fabric for quilts
Yarn for sweaters/booties
Serger thread
sheet fabrics (cotton or cotton/poly blends, at least 45″ wide and 70″ long)
Quilt batting

Bring your donations to Fashion Sewing Club and I will get them to the group or go to website.

Family Resource Center, Minneapolis (Latino Women’s Group)
This is a group of women that meet and learn new skills

Fabric and patterns

Bring donations to Fashion Sewing Club.

Spool Racer Contest, Prior Lake Schools
Students build racers from thread spools for a science project.

Any straight thread spools (not serger cones)

Bring to Club or drop at Treadle or Make It Sew and ask them to save for us.

And then just plain recycling-

Fabric remnants and clippings (all leftovers from cutting out, too small to keep)
USAgain, for profit group-green drop boxes found in parking lots-website has locations
Someone mentioned a place that accepts scraps for dog beds-anybody have a contact?

I keep a basket next to my wastebasket and then bag it up when full.

Paper from pattern cutting, out of style patterns

I keep a bag hanging on a lamp close to cutting table and empty into paper recycling.

And then if you’ve read this far, you deserve a reward-
the grandbabies in their fire engine pants. I’d like to say they are from scrap fabric but I bought the fabric just for them. But I had a friend once who ripped all her remnants into strips and sewed them into log cabin squares as she went. I think I might start sewing my remnants into clothes for the boys as I go-the machines will have the right color thread and can just have a few quick patterns like pants and tops. We’ll see…

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “How Do You Recycle?

  1. Addendum:

    USAgain does not take fabric scraps (I read somewhere they did!) But I sent an email and they answered and said no.

    Mary reminded me of the Textile Center’s Garage Sale-thanks! Here’s the info for this year on that event:
    Drop off:
    Thursday, April 14th, 5-8 pm
    Friday, April 15, 9 a.m.-5 pm

    Preview Sale:
    Friday, April 15, 6:30-8 pm
    Admission is $25

    Saturday, April 16, 8 am-5 pm
    Bag Sale is 3-5 pm
    Admission is $1

    Thursday, April 14 through Sunday April 17
    Four-hour shifts
    Call 612-436-0464


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