Pattern Surfing

I can’t believe it’s only a week and a half until Club again, but I guess that’s what happens when the month only has 28 days (and other calendar events take up the days). So I was websurfing for new patterns and I noticed that Vogue has been featuring pictures of the back of garments that I hadn’t seen before. After some investigating it looks like the newer patterns from BMV (Butterick-Vogue-McCall’s) feature a straight-on photo of the back of the garment. Here are a few that caught my eye-




(Here’s the link to go to BMV site-8875 8805)
See how straight-on the photos are? Older patterns have a back view but the model is usually standing at an angle and you don’t get a true back view.

The colorblock dress photo shows the lower seam a bit stretched out and allows you to see where it cuts the model (of course that may vary with body lengths).

The long green vintage coat (which I love from the front)
isn’t too flattering from the back but as you look at the dress, her backside looks much better. Hmmm…we know it’s the same backside so maybe it’s because the skirt of the dress is straighter OR (and I have told myself that this is the correct reason) the coat waist falls too low on the model and makes her look frumpy. Agree?/Disagree? (Can you tell how badly I want this coat to look good on me?)

Simplicity/New Look/Burda only show the line drawings of the back of the garment. Too bad as it is half of the garment.

Maybe the BMV people listened when we all complained about the gymnastic poses of the Vogue winter pattern models and at least gave us one picture of reality. I’m happy they did-whatever the reason. Choosing the pattern is half the battle. Speaking of battles, I better get back to my scissors-

Here’s a little something to brighten the cloudy day:

3 thoughts on “Pattern Surfing

  1. Where were you? Hawaii? Or is that Florida? Have you seen Katherine Tilton’s new pattern for Butterick. I think I like it. She posted several that she’s taking to Puyallup on Facebook this AM.


  2. I was in the Bahamas. Saw Katherine’s pattern and ordered it. Tempted by the great prices on the BMV website. Can’t wait to try it. Will check out her pics as I would like to see the front a bit more clearly-kind of mumbo jumbo.


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