Bagging It Update

We’ve had great feedback on the red bag and the great news is that Hancock still has the red faux leather PLUS a very dark brown and a more caramel brown color.
While browsing at Treadle on Tuesday, we found this fun, fun cotton that would be great for a lining.
photo 2
And there are some webbings…
photo 3
We can put together kits if you can’t join us at Southtown or would like some of the fabric from Treadle (I bought some 🙂
We already have two people making bags today at Southtown Hancock from 2-4 pm and our last February meeting of Fashion Sewing Club is also at Hancock today at 10:30 and 6:30. You could get inspired to sew clothes, make a bag and run errands or share a meal with someone TODAY!!

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