Weathering Utah

Debbie and I are in Utah taking a week long fitting class from Judith Rasband, Lorraine Henry and Carol Steinbrecher (plus a few others as needed). This is the weather outside the hotel at the end of the day Tuesday.
We understand it hasn’t been a picnic in MN either but the temperature was 43 degrees and the snow wasn’t on the mountains when we drove to class in the morning!

We have both achieved well fitted skirts and are chomping at the bit to finish the changes to our pants patterns. We are in a class of ten so have the chance to see many figure variations and the bottom seems to have a perplexing variety.

Wednesday was better-sunny-but still cool. After a long day of digesting pant fit theory we took a nice walk around Temple Square and admired the beautiful flowers (crazy-snow one day, asiatic lilies and hydrangeas the next).

Who knows what today will bring?

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