March Club Photos

March Fashion Sewing Club photos and sewing notes have been added to the website-click here or on menu above. Thanks to all who made up the pattern of the month. April’s pattern of the month is McCalls 7059. It’s a knit wardrobe pattern with a gored skirt, vest, jacket, tee and skinny pant. Try one or try them all. At Treadle we draw a name from those that have made the pattern for a $15 fabric gift certificate.
May’s pattern of the month is McCalls 7093-a woven top with lots of possibilities. Our intent is to see one pattern in several fabrics on several body shapes.

April-McCalls 7059
April-McCalls 7059

April McCalls 7059
April McCalls 7059
May-McCalls 7093
May-McCalls 7093

More Show and Tell-

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