January Fashion Sewing Club begins Saturday

Happy 2016! Are you a resolution maker? Any of them pertaining to sewing? It’s always in the back of my mind but who is brave enough to say them outloud?

Anyway, Fashion Sewing Club 2016 begins tomorrow (Saturday, January 9)! Please notice that we have discontinued the Thursday morning meeting at Hancock Southtown for the winter. We apologize if that messes up your schedule, please let us know. If there’s a critical mass, we can start it up but the migration of the snowbirds leaves us with empty chairs.

January Fashion Sewing Club meetings-

Saturday, January 9, 10:30 am, Treadle Yard Goods
Tuesday, January 12, 10:30 am, Treadle Yard Goods
Thursday, January 14, 6:30 pm only, Hancock Fabrics, Southtown

The website is current with the new class offerings at Hancock and Treadle. We have had quite a few inquiries about sewing for school age kids. If after school isn’t an option we can always schedule something on a day there is no school so contact us if you are interested.

Here’s the January calendar. Hope to see many of you this month-stay warm this weekend! Click on Classes above for more info and registration.


Treadle Yard Goods: To register call: 651-698-9690

Before You Buy a Serger: Saturday, January 9, 1:00-2:30
Kids’ After School Sewing: Tues., Jan. 12, 19, 26, Feb. 2, 4:00-5:30
Basic Serger and Beyond: Tuesdays, January 12, 19 and 23, 6:00-8:00

Hancock Fabrics, Southtown, Bloomington, First Sewing
*Please register in advance with Material Girls on our website or call us at 952-201-3863

Sewing Studio: Thursdays, January 7, 14, 21, and 28, 1:00-4:00
Tuesdays, Jan. 19, 26, 12:00-3:00
Sewing for Homeschoolers: Tuesday, January 19, 10-11:30 am
Kids’ After School Sewing: Thurs., Jan. 14, 21, 28, Feb. 4, 4:30-6:00
Beginning Sewing or Serging: Thursdays, January 14, 21 and 28, 6-8 pm

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