What are you sewing?

Just wanted to catch up with what we’ve (and some of you) have been sewing-
First, Sewing Kids’ Clothes at Treadle:

Burda 9482
One of our class patterns
Kwiksew quarter zip

After School Sewing at JoAnn and Treadle:

Sew Social/Workroom Social
Bench cushion-done!
After much ripping-perfect!

And then a bit of stashbusting/saving favorite fails from final banishment :-/
Second time making this pattern-different body/another perfect fit!
Too short Toaster Sweater

Minus a good eight inches
Plus 25” of graffiti print knit
Equals a very wearable tunic dress (the sweatshirt fleece is the best!)
Loved the fit and fleece of this jacket but the dots were overpowering
So I colored them with fabric markers!

I must confess that the dots look very “Lite Brite”-ish-do You remember that toy?
And now it’s time to get serious about Fashion Sewing Club garments-looking forward to seeing what you’ve created!

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