Happy New Year!!!

The tasks from 2018 are caught up-well at least as far as the website is concerned-classes, Fashion Sewing Club pages, etc. We are all busy sewing for January (first Club meeting is Tuesday, January 8th!)

But I wanted to take some time to highlight last month’s patterns and show and tell-

The “north of 60” and “south of 60” version of a patterned ponte. Neither knew what the other was sewing!!
Kristin managed to complete an entire garment-right down to the shoes! Jacket-Simplicity 8741, Blouse-Silhouette Patt. #418 Lace tank-KwikSew #3890, Velvet pants-Jalie 3243
Silhouette Patterns 4 Piece Yoga Pant in moleskin
Taking full advantage of a gorgeous patterned mesh
The ever popular Vogue 1415
Someone requested a pic of the grandkids-happy to oblige!

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned for new classes. Check out November or December Club sheets and photos if you missed a meeting. See you next week at Fashion Sewing Club!

One thought on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. I love seeing what has been sewn. Kristen, the jacket fabric is fabulous. I would like to find something similar. Debbie that mesh is stunning as well. And I love the twin tops!!


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