December Garment Sewing Group

Happy Holidays, everyone! This is our last Group meeting for 2020. We want to thank everyone for hanging out and inspiring us and wish you the best in 2021!.

We will be on Zoom Thursday, December 17, from 1-2 pm for Sew Social (free!) if anyone wants to stop by and say hi!

Garment Sewing Group

December 2020

Debbie’s Garments:

Autumn Floral Sweater Knit Dress

McCalls 7432, View C

Brushed sweater knit

1. Made my standard petite adjustments as well as a rounded back adjustment. I find the back neckline too low for colder months so this adjustment helps with that and unfortunately I am getting rounder in all the wrong places!

2. The dress is lined/underlined with tricot except for sleeves. I don’t want the dress sticking to my tights.

3. A TNT pattern that checks all the right boxes.

Denim Novelty Knit Top

Itch to Stitch Bellavista Top

1. Did standard petite adjustments.

2. Cut one layer of cowl neck piece and decreased width of cowl due to heaviness of fabric – just too much of everything.

3. The ws of the cowl is stitched to the rs of neck edge for a cleaner finish.

4. Not a fan of this fabric and pattern. Probably operator error in choice of fabric.

Orange/Tan Dot Zipper Hem Sweatshirt

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater Adapted

Cotton French Terry, Two 7” zippers

1.To match my inspiration I made a full front pattern piece and drew my design lines . Then I cut the front apart and added sa . See photo.

2. The asymmetrical seam allowances were stabilized in zipper area. Then the side seams were stitched from armhole to zipper opening.

3. Zippers were inserted leaving a one inch hem allowance. The top was completed as pattern directs.

4. I never tire of the Toaster Sweater – so much versatility  in design and fabric.

Kristin’s Garments:

Workout Jacket with Twists

Activewear with fleece backing/Joann Fabrics

Butterick 6596 OOP

1. A slow sew garment with many twists and turns. May have been some better techniques to use when sewing with knits.

2. Pockets were omitted because of difficulty with pattern directions and they would have been in my armpit!

3. Nice fit with princess seams. Good sleeve width.

4. Zipper was easy to install but probably should have been shorter for sitting.

5. Could use a snap or Velcro to hold asymmetric facing in place.

Sweater Dusters (sounds like something I would use to clean!)

Version A: Blue rayon sweatshirt fleece-more stable knit/Sewing Lounge

Blackwood Cardigan/Helen’s Closet

1. Made to pattern except for wider hips-fit is closer than desired for wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath.

2. Blackwood Cardigan is not supposed to come together at center front-just hang open.

3. Gifted to daughter who said “The cardigan was so comfy and cozy today! I’ll take 5 more please😊”

Version B: Navy double faced wool sweater knit-not so stable/SR Harris

Blackwood Cardigan/Helen’s Closet-same size as Version A

1. No pattern changes so I could compare to Version A. Much more suitable for wearing over another shirt in winter.

2. I like the weight of the band on a clingy sweater knit. Cuffs are also a plus on a thinner knit like this one.

Version C : Navy and neutrals stable wool knit/Treadle

Simplicity 8059 (neck facing) as a base with sew on band from New Look 6735

1. There’s just something about this pattern that keeps me coming back!

2. Love the wool and the “coatigan” feel of it.

3. I prefer the feel of enough fabric to fit around me without being too big (kind of like how it feels to wear short pants when you are tall and have worn short pants because you had to 🙂

Version D: Rust double faced wool sweater knit-not so stable/SR Harris

Simplicity 8059 etc.-same as Version C above

1. Used same pattern size as Version C but added cuffs to bring in at wrists. No lycra in the sweater knit made that a must in my mind. Very happy with results. Great over pj’s.

Designer Shirt

Rayon woven stripe from NYC

Wong-Singh-Jones Jaipur Blouse/Hot Patterns

1. Another slow sew with some challenges. Not a lot of good directions and questionable pattern markings but puzzled through it and it has cool features with the horizontal bust dart, vee neck and cuffs.

2. Tried a new technique on hem band. Last month I used Solvy, this month I sewed bands together for 1” and then refolded seams and stitched remaining band to corner.

3. Won’t make this again but appreciated the designer style and the pattern maker’s faith in me to “make it work”!

(Wong-Singh-Jones refers to a multi-cultural marketing company active from 1990-99?)

Granville Shirt-minus the sleeves!

Shirting cotton/Treadle

Granville Shirt/Sewaholic Patterns

1. Sleeves were sacrificed for another project that needed a contrast 🙂 which wasn’t too hard because I love sleeveless button up shirts.

2. Construction and fit of this shirt pattern with yoke, darts and back princess seams is great!

3. Got into trouble with my bias bound armholes. I hope I remember NOT to use silk as bias binding as it gets narrower as it is stretched!

January 2021 (Yay!) Garment Sewing Group Zoom:

10:30 AM

Saturday, January 9

Tuesday, January 12

Thursday, January 14

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