March Garment Sewing Group/Saturday Pics

It certainly was a week of snow challenges but we came through it with lots of fun meetings and inspiration!

Here’s some of what we saw on Saturday-

Butterick 6596 in boiled wool
Jalie 2682 in activewear knit from Sewing Lounge
Butterick 6533 in textured knit
Stylearc Ada in stripe knit/Vogue 9275 in gray knit
Melrose Top from Itch to Stitch

Garment Sewing Group-March 2023

Debbie’s Garments:

Rosy Textured Zip Peplum Jacket/Burda Style 6334, View B/Cotton Dolman Tee/Jalie 3352/Cotton Spandex Khaki Trousers/Love Notions Duet Trousers/Cotton blend bottom weight twill with a little stretch

Rosy Textured Zip Peplum Jacket

1. This is my second make from this pattern. It is a favorite. 

2. The jacket is unlined but I added lining to the sleeves. It is difficult to find just the right zipper so I used a contrast and did some topstitching to match zipper tape.

3. I am not fond of the pattern construction order so I go about it my way-complete facings, and collar before side seams and sleeves.  

Dolman Tee/Jalie 3352/Cotton Spandex

1. When I came across this knit I knew it would go with my jacket. However I had barely a yard of fabric so I pulled out my TNT go-to-pattern-when-there-is-a-fabric-shortage. It works almost every time!

Khaki Trousers/Love Notions Duet Trousers/Cotton blend bottom weight twill with a little stretch

1. This muslin was a lot of work but it might become a go to pattern for woven pants.

2. I eliminated the pockets – not necessary in a muslin but it is a great feature in this pattern.

3. I added one inch to front and back rise since the pattern is designed to sit below waist.

4. I shortened the pant length by 2 inches. I added a second dart at back and increased center back seam by 1/2 inch to lessen gapping.

5. The pattern offers a pattern piece for a curvy or straight waistband. The front waist is lower than the back .  It also has a wide or straight option.

6. I added the split hem at pants bottom – a favorite of mine.

7. Overall a good pattern that I will try again.

Coral Print Blouse/Butterick 6856/Rayon Lawn from Art Gallery

1. I used view A with lots of fit adjustments – Shortened front, back and sleeves between shoulder and bust. I shortened the length by 2 inches on front and back but only one inch on sleeve. The bust dart needed to be lowered and I also did a narrow shoulder adjustment.

2. I just barely had enough fabric so I used a contrast for placket facing and cut the cuff width in half.

3. The pattern has great fit instructions and options such as vertical darts versus tuck at back yoke. It has a tower placket but I did a continuous placket due to lack of fabric and wanting a less tailored look.

4. There is too much slip stitching in this pattern. There is a double yoke but no info on doing a burrito roll. I stitched the rs of facing to ws of blouse front for a clean finish on inside and not having to worry about securing the facing.

Kristin’s Garments:

Wool Jacket/Burda 5941, View A-short length/Wool coating

1. My goal was a soft, warm, throw-on jacket and I came pretty close!

2. The fabric has a napped side and for interest I alternated wrong side with right side on each piece. This was an interesting exercise in cutting out pieces-hint: not only must you layer fabric right side to wrong side (typically it is rs to rs or ws to ws) but you must also alternate actual pattern pieces right side up and up side down. So the upper bodice pattern piece will be face up and the lower bodice paper will be face down. Brain gymnastics!!

3. I added an interior zipper pocket.

4. My February version was too big through shoulder/bust/sleeve so I cut it down to a 14 (one size smaller) and that worked very well.

5. Fabric was too thick for machine buttonholes.


Hot Patterns Fast & Fabulous Foursquare T’s/Double sided wool knit (Vee neck)

Hot Patterns Fast & Fabulous Foursquare T’s/Double sided wool knit
Eureka Top/Sewing Workshop/Rib knit wool/fleece

1. Eureka has a sloped shoulder line and the underarm curves out to give some shaping. The Hot Patterns vest has a square shoulder and straight underarm to side seam.

2. Neck and hems simply turned under on Eureka crew. Center seam makes vee a snap on Hot Patterns vest.

Helmi Trench Blouse by Named Narrow Legged Trousers/Mitchell Trousers by Closet Core/Mystery fabric

Shirt from months ago: Helmi Trench Blouse by Named-Added tucks and shortened

Narrow Legged Trousers/Mitchell Trousers by Closet Core/Mystery fabric

1. Loved these in wide leg version so had to try narrow leg. Added 1.5”-should have added a bit more to hit shoe.

2. Be sure to mark pleat marking on all pieces.

3. Fabric was linen like with a backing so kind of wonky to work with but I knew that going in.

4. Trouser facings, pleat, pocket and fly zip make a bit of extra work but worth it.

April GSG

Wednesday, April 12, 10:30, Sewing Lounge

Thursday, April 13, 10:30, First Sewing

Saturday, April 15, 10:30, TBA

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