Sewing Challenge and More

I’ve cleaned my sewing space and have everything off the floor except the elk hide that my son wants sewn into a patchwork quilt…somehow. I figure it’s a job for my vintage Singer 201.

Anyway, in the process I found lots of UFO’s (Un Finished Objects-you may have a better name for them) and I need some group therapy to get them done. I realize that the answer for some of these projects may be the garbage can but at least I can salvage some of the fabric or notions and consciously make the decision.

So here’s the challenge (have you figured out that you are the group therapist or that I’ve assumed that you also need group therapy?):
Finish one already started project per day-AND put it on the Material Girls Facebook page or this blog.

Goal: To have 100 finished UFO’s on the Facebook page by Fashion Sewing Club week (Oct. 15th). Those would be the whole group, not just me. I hope I don’t have 100…

Mending is included-sewing on buttons, hemming pants, shortening t-shirts or sleeves. And any project counts-pillows, quilting-anything started and waiting to be finished or tossed.

That’s about 5 per day and I got 2 done yesterday-sewed on a button (lost the replacement button, it’s been so long) and sewed the pockets shut on a pair of pants-then they don’t stick out so much or add bulk 🙂

So I’m going to go put this on Facebook now because that is easy for people to put pictures on too. If you don’t have a Facebook account just shoot me an email or leave a comment here and I’ll put it on for you.

Anybody with me?

I almost forgot the “and More” part-I watched the Project Sewing Workshop webinar featuring Linda Lee yesterday. You can sign up to watch it on the Bernina website and see past issues on the Sewing Workshop website. It had some great ideas and how-tos. The best part though, is that everything on both websites-Project Sewing Workshop and Sewing Workshop is 25% off today until the 26th!

Great time to get the patterns you’ve been seeing at Fashion Sewing Club. Check out her fabric and notions, too.

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