Love Your Serger and Something to do on Saturday

A cold, rainy day and we got to play with sergers all day yesterday. As someone said, “It’s too icky NOT to go to class.” Debbie and I had three new serger operators in the morning and then two sessions of Love Your Serger. We focused on the triple coverstitch and chainstitch. Hem tape turned out to be a great alternative to ribbon as there were plenty of colors and markings on the tape to help keep needles on track (well, it was a good idea anyway). We also discovered YLI’s Success Serging Yarn. It’s a fuzzy acrylic yarn that looks great on polar fleece or wherever you might want to embellish with yarn but don’t want to mess with the real thing. If you want to try it out there are about 6 colors displayed in the classroom at Hancock/Bernina and they can get it for you. Don’t forget to pick up Simplicity patterns for $1.53 or check out home dec (53% off through Sunday). I found the coolest brown silk that looks like cracked leather.

Something to do on Saturday (11 am) is attend The Sampler’s “Fabric Buyer for a Day” class. They promise goodies, snacks and door prizes and you get to see several new lines of fabric and see what it’s like to choose fabric for a store. Granted, it will be quilt fabric (Northcott/Monarch) but it’s gorgeous. And this is as close as I’ll get to the fabric market in Las Vegas! Call 934-5307 to register. Cost is $5 which will be credited back toward purchases. See you there!? Sounds like it will be well attended.

And the Kathryn Tilton Arty T class on Sept. 30 at Treadle filled up today. They’re working on a Friday session-I’ll let you know if I hear anything as I’m on the waiting list. That’s great to hear that classes are filling up.

Coverstitch pillow

Busy Babylocks

Brown silk from Hancock home dec.

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