April Fashion Sewing Club

Wonderful month of sewing, pretty good weather. It was good to see so many people at the different meetings. That being said, the Saturday morning Club at Hancock is going to be discontinued at least for the summer. It seems that most people that come on Saturday could also come to an evening or morning weekday meeting. Unless we hear from some of you, we’ll try it for summer and reassess for fall.

Here are the garments. You can see the Club sheets if you go to the top of the webpage and click on Club Sheets.

Linen Pleated Skirt and Half Cowl Shirt

Flatlocking and pleats on linen skirt

Soft pleating at shoulder of cowl

Banded Placket Blouse

T-shirt Topper

Laurel's Tribeca Shirt and Simplicity Skirt

Laurel's Sophia Trench

Laurel's Silhouette #700-Version 2

Kristin's Sophia Trench, Fan Shell and Almost Straight Skirt

Fan Shell Detail

Kristin's Boyfriend Cardigan

Thanks to all who came to Club. Hopefully sandals will be the logical choice for May Club meetings 🙂

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