Saturday Fashion Sewing Club

Here’s a longer explanation of what we’re thinking of changing:
We know the difference in the energy in a room when there are more people. We’d like to see 10 people at each meeting. Our original thought was that a Saturday meeting was needed to accommodate those who couldn’t make it during the day or evening. At the April Saturday meeting we asked the attendees if they could come another time and they all said yes. Since we haven’t stumbled on the magic formula for attracting more new people to Club we thought it might help to shift a few people to other meetings, thereby increasing the average attendance.

In response to today’s email, the suggestion has been made to start a Saturday meeting at Treadle. A Saturday meeting may attract new Treadle customers. It takes away the travel and parking difficulties that some people are concerned about. The Tuesday morning group is happy meeting when it does and doesn’t want to split but the evening attendance is light and some of them may prefer Saturday to attending after a long day of work.

Attendance at Make It Sew is building slowly so a Saturday addition there is not in the works at this time.

What do you think? We’d really like to know because you are the reason we do what we do. Otherwise we’d just fade away in our sewing rooms under a cover of serger dust 🙂

A few options to get you thinking (same as what was on Facebook)

If you attended a Saturday morning Treadle Fashion Sewing Club would you:
a. Be a new attendee because nothing scheduled has worked for you before
b. Come on Saturday instead of Treadle’s Tuesday evening
c. Come on Saturday instead of your usual meeting at Hancock or Make It Sew

3 thoughts on “Saturday Fashion Sewing Club

  1. For me it would be A. After working all day the last thing I want to do is go out at night during the week. Also distance is a factor since I live in Rosemount.


  2. Id consider Saturday at Treadle and would be a new attendee. Parking is the issue at Treadle and in all honesty I’m more willing to park and walk a greater distance on a Saturday morning than an evening.


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