July Addendum

Just a few items of interest to pass on from Club meetings:
This from Cheri-
Was just reading an article on Stitchers Guild about a lady that had pre-washed some fabric (purple) with jeans and khakis. You guessed it, purple spots all over the khakis. A couple of different products were recommended: “Krud Cutter” and “Synthropol”. Have never heard of the Krud Cutter, but Synthropol is an excess color remover used in washing new quilts and available at independent quilt shops. Thought it was interesting since Laura brought up her oops with her iron.
And Laura’s fix for “Ironing Oops (scorch marks)”-
It was hydrogen peroxide! I just dampened the spare piece of cloth with the hydrogen peroxide and laid it on top of the scorch mark and ironed the spot with a warm iron — not cotton or linen setting. Gosh it didn’t take long either but the directions said you could do it more than once if the spot didn’t come out . Now, I was doing this on white linen…..
Check out this great link for all kinds of different scorch/peroxide answers.
The website for Cheri’s Circle Skirt-
circle skirt directions

Happy Sewing!!

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