August Club pictures and more

The pictures and Club sheets for August are on the website under the “Club Sheets and Garment Photos” heading. If you weren’t there, we missed you and if you were, this should help you remember what you saw. As always it was good to see everyone and the weather was fine. Such beautiful summer days we are having.

On a more creepy note-some of you may have gotten an email or Facebook message from me about being mugged in London. The good news is it’s not true and I have my accounts back again (I think anyway, this makes you feel like you should always be looking over your shoulder or checking your accounts). If you sent any email to me between Monday, 8/15 and Wed. 8/17, I didn’t get it but someone else might have enjoyed it. Please resend anything so I can get back up to date. And thank you to those of you that alerted me to the problem as soon as you saw it.

Here are show and tell pictures from the Hancock meeting. Lots of fun and inspiration!

Designer added some very Vogue details to the common peasant blouse

Traveling iron cover doubles as an ironing surface
Great diaper and cover pattern if that's where you are in life-Hancock has the specialty fabrics

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