He’s gone country!

My husband is very supportive of my sewing, in fact he likes to hound me to make things for him. This year for his birthday, Dave asked me to make him a western shirt. So, to encourage my husband’s country songwriting and guitar playing, I decided to find a pattern for a western shirt. My husband was really excited when he saw the pattern I bought and even came with me to pick out the material. I tried to encourage him to go with a fun contrasting fabric for the yoke, but he was too nervous. However, I did manage to talk him into adding a nice trim. Of course, Dave wanted this shirt to become my number one priority so I reminded him that he could speed up the production process by helping to prep the fabric and cut out the pattern. I have to say he did a great job and even put on the pearl snaps when the shirt was finished. BTW we bought extra snaps which was a good idea- because as careful as we were – we still messed up a few snaps.

I used McCall’s M6044. It went together easily. The only adjustment I made was to lengthen the cuff (and shorten the sleeve accordingly) so it would fit three snaps. Well, Dave’s excited to wear this shirt when we go see Garth Brooks in March!

Late breaking news!!! What Carrie doesn’t say is that she entered the shirt in a Pattern Review contest and won 2nd place!!! Check it out here.

One thought on “He’s gone country!

  1. Thank you for this post. I have a son who has been asking for a western shirt for some time now, bought the pattern and fabric too. I have been anxious to start because, I remember, when I was a girl, my mom spent weeks embroidering the front yokes of a western shirt, assembling the shirt for my dad and it did not fit! I just can’t believe that I can do something that my mom could not do. Your insurance that the pattern was not complicated and you even let your husband cut the fabric encourages me to try sooner rather that later. Thank you.


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