April Club Show and Tell

Club sheets and photos for April have been posted to the website under”Club Sheets/Garment Photos”. We were so pleased with attendance this month, given the fact that we made our major change from Hancock to Make It Sew. Make It Sew had coffee brewed Thursday morning and a cut of their wonderful knit for door prizes. Show and Tell was also robust at Make It Sew. Thanks for being so loyal to the 16 of you who came!

Treadle attendance on Tuesday morning hit a high of 28 and the Saturday morning meeting has caught on with 14 attending.

Here are a few highlights from Show and Tell. We also saw beautiful garments but they’re not as easy to catch on camera. I’ll try to get better at that.

Wool Coat Class Participant

What to do with husband's old football jersey-a bag!

Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt made 3 times!

Many of you are sewing for babies

Happy Sewing!

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