May Club Notes

First there were girls’ dresses and such-

The rain capes are Raindrops by Fig Tree and fit sizes 4 – 10. Very popular.

and then there were shoes 🙂

and if one pair isn’t enough, here’s an article featuring the ten best low heels you need to own.
and wonderful garments (and not all at Treadle either but I didn’t do a very good job of capturing them on camera…

We promoted Bundles of Love and would like to pass on a quote from Opie, who never quite seems to make it to Club but is a faithful online follower (the May Club Sheets and Garment Photos have been added to the website.)

“Re “Bundles of Love” – as a nurse in one of the intensive care nurseries at Children’s Hosp of Minneapolis, I can attest to the wonderful benefit of these contributions – the mothers are truly touched – for many babies, these will be the only new – and certainly the only handmade – items they will ever receive! On behalf of the other nurses, I want to say Thank You to the women (and men?) who make this possible! Opie”

Thanks to all who attended Club and happy sewing!!

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