We Mix It Up in July

Since Treadle was holding kids’ sewing camp on Tuesday, we held Fashion Sewing Club in the store. This shook things up a bit but in the end it seems to have added to our numbers. At least anyone coming in to the store knew what we were about. Over 30 people with more than 5 new people-and some of them brought show and tell.

Kristin headed to NYC to meet the soon-to-be in-laws so Cande Roberts tried her hand at getting up in front and highlighting the garments she made for the month. We really appreciate her efforts and hope you enjoyed the change of face 🙂 Make It Sew had fourteen for the day and then more copies were needed for the Saturday Treadle meeting as new faces showed up there too. Two sewists from Madison had been following us on the website and planned a weekend in the Twin Cities centered around fabric and sewing. The Saturday meeting was on their agenda so they brought garments for Show and Tell and were impressed with our format. Franchise, anyone?

And then just a few pictures from our adventurous students-
Irene brought in a whole sail from a sailboat-I know it doesn’t look like a sail but this is a racing sail-and went home with a bag that she’d seen for sale at a regatta. Of course, she knew she could make it for much less than the price tag.

Just a tee from Target but big satisfaction for a beginning sewist and mom who wants to make special and inexpensive birthday gifts.

Stay cool-move your sewing machine to the basement 🙂

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