An email from one of our contributors:

Hi Ladies,

Just pushed my kid off the computer! He will be getting HIS tomorrow, in reward for getting a decent grade on the AP US History test. He knows the topic ad nauseum. All I know is that Columbus discovered America and was a great guy! (Reciting that fact gets my kid started on a rant…LOL!)

Okay, now that we know that I know nothing….

Look at this picture of Peggy Sagers pattern #4509 – Run Away Dress (July’s Pattern of the Month). I don’t know about you, but my 1st reaction to seeing this pattern envelope is that it looks like Faye Dunaway in the 1967 flick, Bonnie and Clyde, as Bonnie. Naturally, by calling the dress “Run Away” it sets me up to see the thing in Bonnie’s hand as a pistol, carrying a bag of money, and a smile on her face saying, “One step closer and you’re history!”. Even though I was only 7 years old at the time, Faye was beautiful as ever and, if recalling correctly, wore floppy hats. I can’t shake that 1st image, so yes, Faye is posing for Peggy.

This is the pattern by Butterick that Peggy was copying, the 1952 Walk Away Dress. As Peggy explains in the latest webcast, Butterick came up with this quick and easy pattern that could be cut out at breakfast, sewn in the morning, and walked away in for lunch. (Breakfast must’ve been earlier in those days…say, 5am….) Peggy suggests heavy fabrics, like denim. Butterick suggests lighter weight. Next to the Butterick pattern is MY favorite rendition found on the internet in totally a period design found at

Off to sew, until it gets dark. Then, it’s time for Night Time Practice Driving with aforementioned son…he has 9 1/2 hours left to fulfill Minnesota requirements. I never knew that I needed to put my life in danger, in order to get the kid to fly-the-coop….


One thought on “Runaway-Walkaway

  1. I am just hemming my version of the Butterick pattern.I dug it out when I saw Peggy’s pattern. I altered the Butterick to look more like Peggy’s, not so tight under the mid-section. I made it in a soft rayon for these hot days. Quick and cute and cool too. 4 hours is about what it has taken but that was in bits and pieces over the past 3 days. One change that I made was that in the back section that is supposed to button, I just connected the 2 back pieces with elastic that I covered with the dress fabric. It slips over my head and I don’t have to fiddle with fasteners behind my back.


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