Catching Up on Summer and Oh, By the Way…

It’s time for Fashion Sewing Club! This Thursday, August 9 at Make It Sew, Chanhassen at 10:30 or 6:30, Saturday at Treadle Yard Goods in St. Paul, 10:30 and Tuesday, August 14 at Treadle, 10:30 also. Love to see you-sew up that one fabric that you can’t put away for yet another season and wear the garment while it’s still summer. Here’s what’s on my sewing table:

Summer or Fall?

I missed out on the last two Clubs in July because I was in NYC meeting the new in-laws. We had a wonderful time. It looks like we covered alot of territory, and we did. Hot and sweaty but my favorite way to travel-on foot. We started at the lower end of Manhattan in the financial district full of families-that was a surprise, not at all an uptight neighborhood but lots of play space for kids and they were everywhere, all the time. Then the garment district-yup, made it to Mood (Are you watching Project Runway?). Husband chose the chair just outside the elevator and got to know the owner, Jack;Lizzie and I looked for tie silk and textured knits-with plenty of help from employees that wanted to cut samples for us. I’m surprised they didn’t check for scissors at the door. Then up to Museum Mile and the Schiaparelli exhibit. Well worth the time. We enjoyed “Harvey” on Broadway starring Sheldon from Big Bang Theory (that’s the only way I know him). The subway (a very warm wait before the air conditioned cars-how do men walk down into the subways in suits and long sleeved shirts and still look cool?!?) took us to the northern tip of the island to see the Cloisters and we sampled a food fair after a ferry ride to Brooklyn. Such a different atmosphere in all of the areas and we only hit a small part of New York. I watched for my “Sartorialist” moments but had to be happy just making camera noises as we had things to see and places to go. But there were dresses everywhere, even Bill made mention of it. So this is the summer to wear them. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. And speaking of people to look at-Abercrombie had a few young men in swim trunks in front of their store-thanks for the eye candy for females!
Here are a few pictures:

“Lunch” exhibit at NYC Public Library

World Trade Center Memorial

Brooklyn Bridge
Louis Vuitton Storefront
Schiaparelli/Prada Exhibit at the Met
Cool Artwork along Chelsea Highline
View from the apartment roof

I told the girls at our summer sewing camp that they’d be on our website so I best keep my word. Four days of fun and their favorite thing was the hand sewing! Whodda thunk? We hope you come back for MEA break girls!

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