April Inspiration is here!

Join us Tuesday or Thursday, 10:30, for more makes and ideas for the new season’s sewing!

Tried and True Vogue 9022 in the color of our Sew Your Roll Challenge!
Close up of fabric and cheeky sewing label 🙂
Angela Wolf Twin Set
Leschi Blouse from Straight Stitch Designs
And a holdover from March group-she copied RTW!

March’s Garments

Garment Sewing Group

March 2021

Debbie’s Garments:

Coral Spring Coat With Party Inside

Burda 6772, View A and B combined

Cotton Sateen with a little stretch and rayon lining (Bemberg for sleeves)

1.  Adjusted fit by petiting between shoulder and bust, waist and hip and one inch at hem.

2. Took in back princess seam 3/4 inch above waist.

3. Tapered sleeve starting under arm to hem approx. one inch.

4. Removed 3/8” sleeve ease at cap notch to notch.

Construction –

5. I decided to do soft tailoring and added fusible weft to sleeve head, hems.

Used hair canvas on upper back and upper front chest.

Tie interfacing was used for sleeve cap. 

Fusible interfacing and shoulder pads were added as pattern directs.

6.  I changed order of construction and used wrapped method for collar.

7.  I eliminated the side flaps and back pleat in lining and gathered that area for less restrictive movement.

This was a fun make!

Loose Fitting Pullover Woven Top

McCalls 7360, View C

Rayon twill

1. Did my standard petite adjustments and shortened sleeve and body length by 2 inches.

2. Then I realized I choose the wrong size category – should have gone down a category. Oh well – made some adjustments and I am happy with it.

3. I especially like the collar, back yoke and pleats and front placket.

4. My choice of fabric makes it difficult to see the details. Wearing this feels more interesting and comfortable then your standard every day tee.

Warmer Weather Wrap Robe

McCalls 8056

Light weight rayon jersey

1. Standard petite adjustments, shortened length of sleeves and body by one inch.

2. The body of the robe is very full so I straightened the side seams starting at under arm down to hem by 3 inches on each side. I also took out width from sleeve from under arm to hem, again by 3 inches. It is still very wide.

3. I changed order of construction and attached band to robe by folding long edge of band wst and serging it to robe and topstitching. The pattern directs to sew one edge of band to robe, press and slip stitch. I try to avoid that as much as possible!

4. I added inseam pockets. They don’t float due friction of knit.

5. I wore out a RTW robe like this one so I thought I would give this pattern from my stash a try. The fabric is not a favorite and the pattern is no longer in my possession.

Sew Your Roll- Child’s pink tee with bright cuffs.

Kristin’s Garments:

Raglan Toaster Mash Up

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater-raglan version

Cotton sweatshirt knit, activewear waffle knit, interlock stripe

1. This is what happens when you don’t have enough of one fabric, but to be honest, it’s probably better that the whole sweater wasn’t the cobweb print!

2. Made to pattern except for widening at hem and hem band. What a great pattern!

3. FYI-cuffs are very difficult to topstitch (and you don’t have to) so may want to apply flat if topstitching is part of your plan.

What To Do With the Funnel Neck?

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater-funnel version

Double faced knit

1. Some people find the facings of the funnel version a bit high maintenance so I played a bit. You may want to try one or two of them but certainly all would be overkill.

2. First, I cut the back facing with a long curve as we see in ready to wear thinking the weight of the fabric would hold it down and solve the front vs. back problem (I know, it’s a high low hem 🙂 I ended up topstitching it down. I like the back interest.

3. Embroidering something on the back neck would also hold the back in place.

4. Topstitching the fold of the funnel definitely keeps the neck in place-mark the fold line and pin in place to be sure you get it right.

Did you know?? Itch to Stitch just released their Gothenburg Top which is the spitting image of the Sew House Seven funnel version but it has a bust dart, cup sizes, forward shoulder AND size range of 00-40! And they’ve added AO Copyshop format.

Hudson Pant #2

Hudson Pant by True Bias

Activewear knit

1. My first version of these was a rayon knit so I didn’t trust the fit. Had to try again.

2. Many of our students looked at the photos and decided to add 1” to the rise. We added the inch between the notch below the pocket and the lower “corner” of the pocket.

3. I made the ankle cuffs bigger by an inch to keep them from riding up on my ankles.

4. The 1” addition to the rise turned out to be mostly not necessary but using 1” elastic made it go away.

5. I would make the pocket band shorter next time as it bagged a bit.

6. Very comfy pants but not sure I will wear them as pants for public scrutiny-just my body shape 🙂

Cigarette Pants

Renee by Jalie Patterns

Rayon knit

1. Skinny pant for ponte knits with back darts to eliminate bulk and a long skinny inset as faux pockets to give a nice line.

2. I first made a pair 3 sizes too big as there was quite a bit of negative ease-these are the gray ones. I like the fit. Quite high waisted but comfy. Don’t miss pockets at all-but that’s me.

3. Had to try them in “my” size just to see-this would be the red pair.

Spring Jacket

Tania by Jalie Patterns

Ponte knits

1. Very attracted to the diagonal lines because I have a piece of wool stripe but the collar was my hang up. Made to pattern and it’s just OK.

2. Stay tuned to see what form the jacket takes…

Sew Your Roll-Muse Playsuit by Stitch Upon a Time-sweet pattern-well written-gusset is a challenge.

April 2021 Garment Sewing Group via Zoom

Saturday, April 10, 10:30

Tuesday, April 13, 10:30

Thursday, April 15, 10:30 (this is a departure from regular 2nd Thursday)

March Madness?

Not really, just some fun and inspiring sewing 🙂

The Sew Your Roll challenge brought out these garments (and this is just Tuesday, mind you-)

Marianne based her top on the Sewing Workshop High Five Jacket
Barb made some changes to her old Ikina Jacket pattern from Sewing Workshop-turns out they’ve revised the pattern-with all of her changes!!

And then there was the Sew and Tell-

Pam’s second version of Ellie & Mac’s Be Creative Hoodie
Bernie continues with his full length coat
Sample sleeve for coat above
Diana tackles the Helix Pant from Sewing Workshop
And has sew much fun with her granddaughters
Barb rocked her sewing this month-this is the Los Gatos Vest
The Eureka Top from Sewing Workshop
And KwikSew 3915
A little seasonal color from Pam

More coming from the Thursday and Saturday groups!

February Garment Sewing Group

Another great month with our first challenge Sew Your Roll. See photos and end of post. Next month’s Sew Your Roll is PINK, BRIGHT, CUFFS.

March is here-any spring sewing yet??

Debbie’s Garments

Quilted Jacket

Grainline Studio Tamarack Jacket, View A

Chambray with rayon lining

1. Petite between shoulder and bust but did not shorten length.

2. Quilted horizontal lines 3 inches apart rather than 3.5 as pattern directs.

3. Made bias tape and bound the shoulder and side seams as well as outside edges.

*I am  a little late to the party since this pattern debuted in 2016. Before I started this project I checked out galleries and reviews and thought I would give it a try. I love my fabrics but not a fan of the pattern for the following reasons:

-welt and pocket bag instructions make procedure more difficult and messy than necessary

-too many “homemade” construction details

-quilting jacket and then lining would be a better option in my opinion.

Hvar Water Fall Jacket Tee Shirt Remake (worn under jacket)

I did not like the jacket but really liked the fabric so I made a tee that will get a lot more wear.

Classic Pajamas

Closet Case Carolyn Pajama, View A

Seafoam green print rayon

Another late to the party pattern for me!

1. Standard petite adjustments on top.  Shortened legs 1 inch between waist and hip and between hip and hem. Also removed 3 inches from hem.

2. Tapered inseam and outside leg seams from knee to hem.

3. Made contrasting piping.

4. Really liked the pocket bag for bottoms.

5. Collar and neck is putsy and this is stated in the instructions. Their reason is for that is eliminating a back neck facing. A homemade look in my opinion.

6. On the pattern envelope View A does not have pipping and cuffs, View B does. The illustrations are the opposite on direction sheet.

I love the fabric but not a fan of the pattern.

Kristin’s Garments:

A little bit of fun with the collar stripes

Bells of Bells & Whistles, Sewing Workshop

Cotton stripe

1. Resurrected this pattern from a bucket of UFO’s. Pattern reissued in 2017.

2. Collar manipulated to make best use of stripes. Had fun playing with stripes.

3. Instructions suggested no interfacing so I didn’t. Happy with results.

4. Omitted the flowing tie and cut off center placket at hem instead of dangling.

5. Fairly close fitting for a Sewing Workshop pattern.

Easy Wear/Easy Sew Shirt

Holiday Shirt by Makers Atelier

Gingham linen

1. Was hoping for a faux pajama shirt without the fuss of buttons, both in sewing and wearing.

2. Made to pattern but didn’t like the yoke or collar techniques-fussy.

3. Boxy fit but slim sleeve. Liked the collar.

Easy Wear/Easy Sew Shirt #2

Holiday Shirt from Makers Atelier combined with Now Shirt by Sewing Workshop

Mammoth flannel by Robert Kaufman

1. Cut fronts and backs from Now Shirt.

2. Used sleeves and collar from Holiday Shirt (Now Shirt has a very flat sleeve head-Holiday shirt sleeve head is high).

3. Recut center fronts to have 1” seam allowance which continued to collar.

4. Really pleased with the “New” Shirt.

Knit Joggers

Ruby Joggers by Paprika Patterns

Rayon french terry

1. Made to pattern and then cut down waist by 1”.

2. Techniques great and pattern well drafted. Pattern suggests 10-20% stretch. Stretchier fabric (like mine) can get a little wavy on cross grain seams.

3. Elastic went all the way around because knit was stretchy as directions suggested.

Sew Your Roll-does “garment” override “no bags”? Sewing up UFO’s is definitely within the spirit of the challenge 🙂

Garment Bag copied from a suit bag

Debbie’s challenge garment was a tee to match her new pajamas-

March 2021 Garment Sewing Group

Tuesday, March 9, 10:30

Thursday, March 11, 10:30

Saturday, March13, 10:30

January Garment Sewing Group

Debbie’s been working overtime this month thinking of things to keep our interest up during the long winter months. We started a “Sew Your Roll” challenge! Our first attempts were fun (after a little initial whining 🙂 The rules are listed at the end of the post.

Next month’s challenge will be white, shiny and contrast! Yes, more whining but that’s how the dice rolled/cookie crumbles. Give it a shot-win $10 gift certificate at Treadle if your name is drawn.

We also reinstated our practice of drawing a name from those of you that have a project to show. Your name will be entered as many times as you attend in a month and you will get free admittance the next month if your name is drawn!

Debbie’s Garments:

Navy Blazer

Jasika Jacket, Closet Core Pattens

Wool Flannel, Rayon Lining

I have been  thinking about a tailored jacket for awhile. Once the pandemic hit I felt now is the time. 

I gathered all my fabric and supplies and started the jacket in November and finished just before Christmas. A slow and Therapeutic Sew!

1. Made a muslin and did basic adjustments.

2. The pattern is well drafted and the instructions are excellent.

3. Modern tailoring techniques and supplies are used with just the right amount of hand stitching.  It was a great experience for me.

Navy Classic Dot Shirt

Kwik Sew 3555

Same rayon used for lining of jacket

1. My favorite classic shirt pattern. However I found that the pattern is a bit outdated in fit and collar size so I may be on the lookout for a new TNT shirt pattern.

Green/Teal Shawl Coatigan

Loren Jacket by Style Arc

Double faced Wool Knit

1. Tested various preshrinking techniques and found that placing the wool in the dryer with a damp towel gave me the results I was looking  for.

2. Did my standard fitting adjustments.

3. Tested several seam techniques on scraps and went with stitching the seams with the sewing machine, press open and topstitch on each side.

8. Also tested several edge finishes and went with edge stitching cut edges and then top stitching 1/4” from edge stitch.

9. The patch pockets are underlined with silk for a smooth finish.

10. Another therapeutic sewing project.

Sew and Roll Challenge-Iris Tee by Forget Me Not Patterns, Rayon Jersey

1. When sewing the cuff to the sleeve I left a small opening about an inch in length to add a tie to the cuff of each sleeve to add the detail for my roll!


Shade-Neutral (white, black, grays, browns)

Detail- Tie

Kristin’s Garments:

Right side out version
Inside out version

Sew Your Roll Challenge

Neige Sweater-Deer and Doe

Assorted blends of sweater knit

  1. Chose a mashup of views-longer length, wide stand up collar and no cuffs.
  2. Arranged fabrics for a reversible option.
  3. Serged seams to accentuate “Michelin man” arms.
  4. Added binding to hem for reversibility.
  5. Pattern well drafted and instructions good. Separate booklet for English and French

Yoga Sweatshirt

Oliver Pattern from Seamwork

Activewear fabric

  1. Closer fit through shoulder and bust.
  2. Added a band as it was just a bit short.
  3. Added subtle accents with flatlock stitching on serger.
  4. Reversed the fabric for another subtle accent.

Wool Sweater

Talvikki Sweater from Named Patterns

Wool sweater knit

  1. Neck darts were easier than expected. Like the accent at face level.
  2. Neck facing is activewear knit (pattern called for stretch interfacing so I thought it would do nicely as neck must stretch some to get over head.
  3. Sleeves were large and underarm low so took in and raised 2”.
  4. Side seam vents were a bit high so lowered 2”.

Sew Your Roll Garment Challenge

Rules – follow the color, shade and detail

Garments only please – No bags or Masks

Make something for yourself or others

Use up your stash, re-fashion previous make or even a RTW

Purchase new fabric from a different source than usual

Have Fun!

Color: 1. Can’t be rolled 2. Pink 3. White 4. Purple 5. Black 6. Blue 7. Teal 8. Green 9. Red 10. Yellow 11. Gray 12. Orange

Shade: 1. Can’t be rolled 2. Dark 3. Earthy 4. Pastel. 5. Neon 6. Print 7. Bright 8. Sheer 9. Muted 10. Solid 11. Neutral 12. Pick Your Own

Detail 1. Can’t be rolled 2. Ruffle 3. Cut out 4. Asymmetric 5.Cuffs 6. Buttons 7. Bow 8. Color Block 9. Lace insert 10. Puff Sleeve 11. Contrast 12. Pocket

February 2021 Garment Sewing Group via Zoom

Tuesday, February 9, 10:30

Thursday, February 11, 10:30

Saturday, February 13, 10:30

December Garment Sewing Group

Happy Holidays, everyone! This is our last Group meeting for 2020. We want to thank everyone for hanging out and inspiring us and wish you the best in 2021!.

We will be on Zoom Thursday, December 17, from 1-2 pm for Sew Social (free!) if anyone wants to stop by and say hi!

Garment Sewing Group

December 2020


Debbie’s Garments:

Autumn Floral Sweater Knit Dress

McCalls 7432, View C

Brushed sweater knit

1. Made my standard petite adjustments as well as a rounded back adjustment. I find the back neckline too low for colder months so this adjustment helps with that and unfortunately I am getting rounder in all the wrong places!

2. The dress is lined/underlined with tricot except for sleeves. I don’t want the dress sticking to my tights.

3. A TNT pattern that checks all the right boxes.

Denim Novelty Knit Top

Itch to Stitch Bellavista Top

1. Did standard petite adjustments.

2. Cut one layer of cowl neck piece and decreased width of cowl due to heaviness of fabric – just too much of everything.

3. The ws of the cowl is stitched to the rs of neck edge for a cleaner finish.

4. Not a fan of this fabric and pattern. Probably operator error in choice of fabric.

Orange/Tan Dot Zipper Hem Sweatshirt

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater Adapted

Cotton French Terry, Two 7” zippers

1.To match my inspiration I made a full front pattern piece and drew my design lines . Then I cut the front apart and added sa . See photo.

2. The asymmetrical seam allowances were stabilized in zipper area. Then the side seams were stitched from armhole to zipper opening.

3. Zippers were inserted leaving a one inch hem allowance. The top was completed as pattern directs.

4. I never tire of the Toaster Sweater – so much versatility  in design and fabric.

Kristin’s Garments:

Workout Jacket with Twists

Activewear with fleece backing/Joann Fabrics

Butterick 6596 OOP

1. A slow sew garment with many twists and turns. May have been some better techniques to use when sewing with knits.

2. Pockets were omitted because of difficulty with pattern directions and they would have been in my armpit!

3. Nice fit with princess seams. Good sleeve width.

4. Zipper was easy to install but probably should have been shorter for sitting.

5. Could use a snap or Velcro to hold asymmetric facing in place.

Sweater Dusters (sounds like something I would use to clean!)

Version A: Blue rayon sweatshirt fleece-more stable knit/Sewing Lounge

Blackwood Cardigan/Helen’s Closet

1. Made to pattern except for wider hips-fit is closer than desired for wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath.

2. Blackwood Cardigan is not supposed to come together at center front-just hang open.

3. Gifted to daughter who said “The cardigan was so comfy and cozy today! I’ll take 5 more please😊”

Version B: Navy double faced wool sweater knit-not so stable/SR Harris

Blackwood Cardigan/Helen’s Closet-same size as Version A

1. No pattern changes so I could compare to Version A. Much more suitable for wearing over another shirt in winter.

2. I like the weight of the band on a clingy sweater knit. Cuffs are also a plus on a thinner knit like this one.

Version C : Navy and neutrals stable wool knit/Treadle

Simplicity 8059 (neck facing) as a base with sew on band from New Look 6735

1. There’s just something about this pattern that keeps me coming back!

2. Love the wool and the “coatigan” feel of it.

3. I prefer the feel of enough fabric to fit around me without being too big (kind of like how it feels to wear short pants when you are tall and have worn short pants because you had to 🙂

Version D: Rust double faced wool sweater knit-not so stable/SR Harris

Simplicity 8059 etc.-same as Version C above

1. Used same pattern size as Version C but added cuffs to bring in at wrists. No lycra in the sweater knit made that a must in my mind. Very happy with results. Great over pj’s.

Designer Shirt

Rayon woven stripe from NYC

Wong-Singh-Jones Jaipur Blouse/Hot Patterns

1. Another slow sew with some challenges. Not a lot of good directions and questionable pattern markings but puzzled through it and it has cool features with the horizontal bust dart, vee neck and cuffs.

2. Tried a new technique on hem band. Last month I used Solvy, this month I sewed bands together for 1” and then refolded seams and stitched remaining band to corner.

3. Won’t make this again but appreciated the designer style and the pattern maker’s faith in me to “make it work”!

(Wong-Singh-Jones refers to a multi-cultural marketing company active from 1990-99?)

Granville Shirt-minus the sleeves!

Shirting cotton/Treadle

Granville Shirt/Sewaholic Patterns

1. Sleeves were sacrificed for another project that needed a contrast 🙂 which wasn’t too hard because I love sleeveless button up shirts.

2. Construction and fit of this shirt pattern with yoke, darts and back princess seams is great!

3. Got into trouble with my bias bound armholes. I hope I remember NOT to use silk as bias binding as it gets narrower as it is stretched!

January 2021 (Yay!) Garment Sewing Group Zoom:

10:30 AM

Saturday, January 9

Tuesday, January 12

Thursday, January 14

November Garment Sewing Group

Good to see people-familiar and new 🙂 “Wearable now” seemed to be the theme for Debbie and myself-

Please note that instead of a photo of the pattern, the pattern name is a clickable link and will take you directly to the pattern website.

Debbie’s Garments:

Teal Asymmetric Jacket

Free download from Sew Style Magazine

Lana Bolleto Boiled Wool, 60% Viscose, 40% Wool

1. I have been sorting through pattern stash and came across this jacket and thought I would give it a try.

2. Even though the directions are vague and incomplete it is a quick and easy make, especially when using boiled wool.

3. The buttonholes went in nicely.  I did edge stitch all raw edges but it certainly wasn’t necessary.

Navy Shawl Neck Cardigan

McCalls 7254, view C

Designer Plush Cotton French Terry

1. Another pattern from stash. This was a pattern of the year on Pattern Review from 2017. I am late to the party! I love this fabric and wanted to be warm and nice looking at the same time and thought this was the ticket. I did make a few changes.

2. I used one layer-no facing-for the collar and peplum to eliminate bulk.

3. I turned the collar seam allowance to right side and covered stitched the entire cardi.

4. I didn’t like the look of the raw edge on the collar so I added a narrow knit band for a clean finish.

5. I used the serger and cover stitch machine for most of the construction but when I needed to use the sewing machine my walking foot did the trick.

To complete my outfits I used the following tried and true patterns:

Watercolor Splatter Dot Jersey Knit turtleneck

Jalie #2805

Solid Teal Stretch Pinwale Corduroy Pants

Eleonore Jalie Pull on Pants #3461

Kristin’s Garments:

Monet Boucle Jacket

Chenille Boucle from NYC buying trip with Peggy Sagers

Burda 7700

1. This is a favorite pattern-I’ve worn out the other one! Love the big but not too big size and the collar with minimal bulk at center front, the pockets, the length, everything!!

2. Pattern is written for fulled fabrics or linen type (no facings vs. facings) which adds to its versatility.

3. I used facings but no interfacing except at neck edge as it seemed to take a lot of abuse during construction.

4. I trimmed off a long triangle at underarm of sleeve and side seam to eliminate some bulk and it worked well. Set the sleeve in instead of flat application.

5. Tried topstitching the sleeve seam allowance both directions to see if it laid differently with the drop shoulder but inconclusive results.

6. I applied the collar in one piece with a bias strip on top of seam and then rolled around and under seam allowance and stitched in ditch.

Luxe Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt fleece

Pinnacle Top/Sweater by Papercut

1. Intriqued by the triangles, I chose to color block the pattern. The versions without the top triangle got quite low and I wanted warmth.

2. Pattern is one big piece with no shoulder seam and then the two triangles. Would be fun with a stripe.

3. The instructions were well written and it all went together well.

4. It didn’t really flare out as it shows in pattern.

5. Was a little on the short side so added a hem band with diagonal slits. Used Solvy to keep the butted bands together during application to bottom of garment.

6. Copied the diagonal slits for the sleeve bands and put the slits opposite the sleeve seam and they ended up in a perfect place!

7. Doubled the width of the neck band for a little more coverage.

Skinny Pants

Peggy Sagers 4 Piece Yoga Pant

Beyond Yoga activewear knit

1. A great finishing touch to the other two garments.

2. Added a waistband instead of elastic sewn directly to top of pants.

December Garment Sewing Group via Zoom:

10:30 AM

Tuesday, December 8

Thursday, December 10

Saturday, December 12

October Garment Sewing Group

Transition season dressing has turned into winter dressing!! Guess we’ll have to “make it work”. Awesome group of people attended the three meetings with some new faces too-

Garment Sewing Group

October 2020


Debbie’s Garments:  

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater

Forest Green Novelty Knit Top

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater 

Cotton Poly Blend with rayon Jersey bottom

  1. Lengthened the body 1” and shortened cuff by 1”.
  2. Omitted the band and added a shirt tail hem shape piece to front and back. The  two layers are stitched together with a cover stitch hem and the shirt tail is hemmed separately.
  3. This is a TNT pattern and is fun to make with unique fabrics. 

Fall Mini Capsule

Rust Pinwale Cord Skirt

Simplicity 1321

Simplicity 1321, View A

  1. Added 1” to skirt length and omitted pockets.
  2. Lined skirt with many colors of rayon lining – lining stash slim due to COVID!
  3. Another TNT pattern for me especially in terms of fit.

Rust/Navy Shepherd Plaid Shirt

Kwik Sew 3555, adapted


  1. Omitted back yoke and made a faux cuff. Added vertical darts to front and back.
  2. This shirt fabric is so comfy and soft. This is the first time I used this fabric and plan to use it again. It is also a TNT pattern and I learn something new every time I use it.

Autumn Floral Tee Shirt

Forget Me Not Iris Tee

Rayon jersey

  1. Did my standard petite adjustments and a narrow shoulder adjustment.
  2. The pleat at the bottom of the sleeve got my attention so I had to give this pattern a try.
  3. The pattern contains a short and long sleeve with pleats and basic tee. 
  4. The pleats look complicated but are not at all due to clear and concise directions. A new TNT pattern for me!

Kristin’s Garments:

Lace and Work Jacket

Grainline Thayer Jacket 

Denim and novelty lace

Lining: Cotton/silk and vintage kimono

  1. What can I say about a pattern that goes together really well and fits too! This is a lined work jacket pattern made to fit my pear shape.
  2. To copy the jacket from the Burda magazine I basted the lace to the pockets and yokes. A bit of white shows when the lace is folded back but that can be colored with marker.
  3. I omitted the chest pockets. I felt the lace would be enough to balance out the hem pockets.
  4. Instructions were excellent. The lining went so smoothly and there were no “neaten the edges” instructions.
  5. I would advise marking any pattern “clips” before cutting as the sizes and small lines can be easy to miss.
  6. Finally got out my Kamsnap snap press and it is awesome!!

Another-Variation-on-a-Big-Sleeve Turtle


Rayon knit

  1. The rayon was so yummy and fallish that I had to try my TNT pattern with the bell sleeve variation.
  2. It’s a lot of sleeve! But kind of fun! I used my differential feed to finish the raw edge of the bell which made it easier to hem up the casing.

Snuggly Joggers

Simplicity 8268/Hudson Pants from True Bias

Rayon Sweatshirt Fleece

Activewear for waistband and ankle bands

  1. Compared the Simplicity and Hudson Pant and they are very similar. 
  2. Serged them up and then remembered the voice of Maggy (store owner) saying, “The stretch is cross grain on this fabric.” Too late-the diaper feeling was already there with a front crotch that was growing.
  3. Really like the fabric so keeping the bands will adjust waist as things grow!! Covid pants 🙂

Garment Sewing Group via Zoom:     


10:30 AM                                     

Tuesday, November 10

Thursday, November 12 

Saturday, November 14


10:30 AM

Tuesday, December 8

Thursday, December 10

Saturday, December 12

September Garment Sewing Group

Things didn’t change much under our new name-we still were inspired by everyone’s creativity and interest! People attended from Texas, Alaska and Florida! That’s the beauty of Zoom and why we intend to continue at least one Zoom meeting after we are back to normal (don’t go there 🙂

Garment Sewing Group

September 2020

Debbie’s Garments:

Coral Novelty Knit Casual Jacket-

NewLook 6251, View A

1. Shortened between shoulder and bust and did a narrow shoulder adjustment.

2. Used mesh for pocket bags and cut 4 rather than 2 as pattern directs. I intended to increase pocket size to enable pocket bag to be caught in the stitching of hem and zipper but I forgot! Because of that the pockets needed to be topstitched to garment front.

3. I inserted invisible zippers in princess seam rather than exposed zipper at pocket as pattern directs. I also applied a contrast binding to zipper tape.

4. The fabric was difficult to work with. The serger chewed more than cut and the walking foot was necessary for all other stitching.

Kristin’s Cropped Rust Jacket and Debbie’s Navy Version-

Closet Core Sienna Maker Jacket, View C

Pendleton Wool

1. I did not make a muslin for this jacket but instead did my usual fitting adjustments.

2. I should’ve made a muslin – so I did before I made the second jacket. The new adjustments included shortening between shoulders and bust one inch, forward shoulder and narrow shoulder even though it is a drop sleeve.

3. The jacket is for the intermediate sewer and it is extremely important to follow instructions especially when making back placket and when to put buttonhole on sleeve!

4. I did make some changes in construction – interfaced pocket hems, did a single one inch hem rather than a double fold hem, and horizontal buttonholes on back placket rather than vertical.

5. I am very pleased with my second make and grateful to have a personal fit master. I was able to thank her with an almost finished Rust Sienna Jacket that fits her nicely!

6. Kristin’s addendum-As long as you have another body-you don’t need to make a muslin 🙂 I am very happy with my Sienna Maker Jacket! I added buttons and a one inch band to the sleeves with not too much left for a hem but it worked and will be a fun fall jacket. Thanks, Debbie!

Terracotta Water Wave Jacket-

Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket

Soft Gauze Sweater Knit

1. I used the wrong fabric for this pattern accidentally! I had intended to use this fabric for another project and somehow got the two mixed up and didn’t discover my mistake until it was too late. Oh well.

2. The pattern calls for drapey woven or stable knit. The sweater knit did not fit that category so I adjusted by eliminating the darts and thinking of the garment as a sweater and not a jacket. I also shortened the length between shoulder and bust and went down a size by taking large seam allowances.

3. This is a quick and easy make. The entire garment was serged except for topstitching the princess seams. An afternoon make.

Kristin’s Garments:

Warmer Weather Fall Blouse

Cielo Top and Dress by Closet Core Patterns, View B

Rayon woven

1. I’ve made the dress before and knew that it was a bit broad at the neck and shoulders so placed center fronts and backs on fold but then rotated keeping waist point on the fold but making neck a bit smaller and hips wider. Kind of a quick fix but it worked very well.

2. The short yokes at the shoulder I cut four and doubled them to give a little more stability.

3. I tried it as a longer blouse but decided I like short better in this blouse.

4. Pattern directions great. I used contrast inside the lantern sleeve.

5. A vest with deep armholes would go nicely over this blouse-if it stays this cold!!

Fall Ankle Pants

Pietra Pants by Closet Core Patterns, View B

Light coral denim

1. Nice fitting pattern right out of the envelope. Extended the center back by curving seam allowances across back waistband and waist to 1/4” at center back and back to 5/8” at side seam.

2. Pockets take a little bit of puzzling but worth the work.

3. The treatment of the elastic and back waistband at side seams makes for a bit of bulkiness.

4. Back waistband also got a bit bulky as the pattern is high waisted and there’s a lot to gather. I stitched the elastic down and pressed it to try to flatten.

5. View B is a cropped length and View A is longer.

6. Fun fall pant until socks are a necessity.

Eileen Fisher Dress Copy

Jalie Nicole Dress and Top

Ponte knit

1. Thought the EF dress would be a great fall wardrobe staple but as I looked at the pattern measurements it became clear that it was a very close fitting pattern. So I sized up. Kind of nice that the pattern pieces for bodice and skirt are two separate pieces and then joined when you lay them on fabric to cut out.

2. First version (in red) was more body skimming than I wanted so I dropped the armhole, added at side seams and used a larger sleeve.

3. Second version is closer to what I was looking for. The bust dart is quite big and ends up pokey but I will most likely be wearing the dress under a jacket like my Sienna Maker Jacket by Debbie 🙂 and I’m not going to stress about it. I already spent the better part of a day trying to remedy the problem and ended up extending the dart by 1/2” and giving it a good press!

October Fashion Sewing Club-Zoom or at:

Thursday,October 8, 10:30 at SR Harris, Burnsville

Saturday, October 10, 10:30 at Treadle , St. Paul

Tuesday, October 13, 10:30 at Treadle, St. Paul